We can help find you the perfect solution to; nightmare tenants, voids, agent problems and lack of time.

Property is one of the biggest, if not the biggest investment of your life, so you want to make sure it is the right choice. We want to support you in recreating that vision you once had with your investment.

What can we do? We can simply manage your property for you. This can however still come with problems and may not be your cup of tea if you have just ended a contract with difficult agents. We further offer to rent your property off you. We will essentially be your tenants and you will be in contract with us. This way you are guaranteed the rent with no chasing.



All at zero cost to you.

Guaranteed Monthly Rent

We guarantee your rent every month for as long as you would like to go into contract with us.

Refurb & Refurnish

We will redecorate your property to the highest of standards adding instant value.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Your property will be routinely serviced by our professional maintenance team.

Who will be living in the property?

Many landlords prefer tenants who are professionals; we become your professional tenants. You will only ever deal with us, as the contract is between us and you (the landlord).
We take great care in selecting the right kind of tenants because if they stop paying, leave suddenly or damage the property, we take the financial hit rather than you. We complete thorough background and credit checks on all tenants.

As experts in the rental market, we are confident that the annual rental income you actually bank is more than you’d get if you decided to go it alone or use a more traditional service.

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